сряда, 28 април 2010 г.

I would like to express our support to your request that cyanide in mining should be banned.

Honourable MEP János ÁDER and MEP László TOKÉS,

On behalf of EAA and EFTTA I would like to express our support to your
request that cyanide in mining should be banned.

- Our logos attached.
- Some text about our organisations copied in below.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Kappel,
Secretary General EAA, the European Anglers Alliance, and
EFTTA lobbyist

About EAA:
The EAA was launched in Brussels in 1994. The EAA's mission is among other
things to safeguard the fish stocks and fisheries of Europe and to protect
the interests of all those who fish with rod and line for recreational
purposes - 25 million people in Europe - and to improve the aquatic
environment. All EAA objectives here:
http://www.eaa-europe.eu/index.php?id=16 EAA has 13 member organisations
plus two applicant organisations from 14 European nations with ca. 3
million affiliated members. EAA is networking with angling organisations
from all over Europe and globally. EAA is dealing with both sea water and
fresh water issues. EAA sits in a number of advisory bodies with regards
to EU's fisheries and environment policy shaping. EAA has a permanent
office in Brussels next to the European Parliament. EAA homepage:

About EFTTA:
EFTTA, the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association is a Trade
Association for Manufacturers and Wholesalers of sportfishing equipment.
EFTTA members can exhibit at EFTTEX, the leading international Fishing
Tackle Trade Exhibition. Membership is open to Manufacturers, Wholesalers,
Agents and Press in the tackle industry. EFTTA was established in London
in 1981, as an international, independent association to serve the
European fishing tackle trade by campaigning to promote sportfishing,
environmental issues and international business. EFTTA is registered as an
official lobbying association in Brussels. EFTTA website: www.eftta.com

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