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This position was taken by the Commission in full independence

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  1. Тъжна ни майчица от толкоз "независимост".
    Една от причините да ми се ще парламента да взима решенията, а "изпълнителната власт", да изпълнява е, че в "парламента са повечко народ е по-трудно да купиш повечкото народ от по-малкото дето се водят "изпълнителна власт" - за Европата думам де. За Бе ге е ясно покупко-продажността е възможна не а задължителна.

  2. It's outrageous -- over half of top European Union politicians move straight from their posts into lucrative corporate lobbying jobs -- turning the EU into a "lobbyocracy" run by big business, not the people.

    The European Parliament is up in arms and has just threatened to withhold EU budget money until a new code of conduct is introduced to block officials rushing to become lobbyists. In a few days parliamentarians will meet to hear the Commission's proposals, but they need support to force a decisive change.

    This is a chance to clean up Brussels, but it will take a massive public outcry. The grip of big business on EU decisions subverts our democratic priorities, from agriculture to climate to energy. Click to sign the petition -- which will be delivered to top decision-makers at a meeting in the Parliament -- and forward this email to friends:

  3. Former European Commissioners continue to get paid 50% of their salary for three years, precisely to prevent them rushing to cash in with corporate jobs. Sticks are clearly needed alongside these carrots.


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