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Corruption, Корупция, Gold, Злато, Mongolia, България

Открийте приликите!

"The court system is totally, unbelievably corrupt," Mr. Karlsen said.
"The judges get bribed.
There is no ability to execute judgments."

"Private companies are handing bribes to government officials"

"We are setting up a working group to look at the tax environment, so foreigners feel more comfortable," Prime Minister said in an interview

"But environmental advocates fear that Mongolia is becoming too miner-friendly."

"Seeing Mr. Friedland in Mongolia
worries many environmental advocates.
A man with American and Canadian passports
who lives in Singapore,
Mr. Friedland first came to international attention in 1992
when cyanide-laced tailings
washed out of the abandoned Summitville gold mine in Colorado,
killing all aquatic life in the Alamosa River for 17 miles downstream.
In the late 1980's, the mine was operated by Galactic Resources of Vancouver, and Mr. Friedland was Galactic's principal shareholder."

"A decade ago, the government set aside about one-eighth of the country as strictly protected.
"But now there is a lot of talk in the legislature of de-gazetting protected areas,"

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